Woven Hearts at Valentine’s Day Not Christmas?!

Ahhhh….Hygge, pronounced: ”Hoo-Ga”, is a Norwegian word meaning “well-being” that has been adopted and adapted by Denmark and the Danish culture. The word brings a feeling of coziness, hominess, or comfort. It really allows us to express ourselves in our truest form by bringing a sense of the work-life balance we are all striving for while allowing for life-long learning. It is described that the most Hygge time of the year is Christmas.  And families spend hours making something called woven hearts to decorate their homes.

Meik Wiking in his world-famous book “The Little Book of Hygge Danish Secretes to Happy Living” states that the first woven heart was possibly created by Hans Christian Anderson. You may remember from your childhood some of the amazing fairytales written by Hans Christian Anderson. And his woven heart is on display in a museum in Denmark. Christmas hearts bring families together over the holiday season as well as help children work on their hand-eye coordination with cutting.

This photo courtesy of Pinterest


Create an afternoon of hygge fun by planning a different way of celebrating Valentine’s Day this year…making woven hearts with your loved one/loved ones!  Grab construction paper, scissors, and utilize the directions from Pinterest to decorate your home!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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