Welcome! What is Hygge and How It Can Benefit You

Welcome to Healthy and Hygge. You are probably wondering how do you pronounce Hygge, what is it, and how can I use it to be healthier? Well let me answer those questions and pose a few more!

To start Hygge, pronounced: ”Hoo-Ga”, is a Norwegian word meaning “well-being” that has been adopted and adapted by Denmark and the Danish culture. The word brings a feeling of coziness, hominess, or comfort. It really allows us to express ourselves in our truest form by bringing a sense of the work-life balance we are all striving for while allowing for life-long learning. It is “a complete absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things”. Really, you ask, this is possible? Let’s do a bit more research on how this feeling of comfort can bring about healthy change.

Maybe you have been feeling like you need to make a change in your life: To be healthier to live longer to do something different. Do you know the best time to make that change is when things are going well and you’re feeling content? “Positive change puts you in control of your life” from the New Science Experiment by K. Anders Ericsson, PhD. Understanding and practicing Hygge in your daily life encourages you to bring about that positive change you need to make those next decisions in life. But how does that help me live healthfully?

An article from The Guardian shared that the max age limit for a human being is about 125 years old and that we should not be hoping for or looking for longer life. Ok, my goal of living to being 100 is reasonable but what does it have to do with Healthy and Hygge? The article went on to say that what we should be focusing on is: “enjoying life and staying healthy for as long as possible”. Now I am starting to get it! Do you need more convincing? Come back each week as we explore more ways to bring this concept into your life!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Go grab your comfy clothes, throw on a pot of water for tea, and share with a few close friends this new comfortable place to visit regularly to bring Healthy and Hygge happiness to your life!

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