Healthy and Hygge Transformation

Feeling stuck? You are more productive in a positive state of mind, so take control to live the life you want!  Through this exclusive 3-month package you will discover tools to create balance using HYGGE. Based on an initial assessment and follow-up work as we dive in to each of the areas. (time in each area may vary) outlined above and with each session the previous sessions learning experiences will be added. With the end product being your whole self: Healthy and Hygge.

H: Health and wellness is a corner stone to the Healthy and Hygge brand.  But what is health?  What is being healthy?  In this area we will uncover what being healthier means to you...reducing stress, getting more sleep, someone to hold you accountable for your workouts, prepping meals to make mid-week manageable...Whatever it is we will uncover ways to streamline your life and create simple steps to make it easier.

Y: Your emotional well-being is key! Let's define your support system and showcase your feelings to bring ownership to you! You will gain tools to be proud of who you are by reshaping your mental health to bring your authentic self into every situation.

G: EnGage socially! Social wellbeing can be hard.  Is it a personal gathering?  Maybe a business meeting?  Or the always challenging to navigate business-personal encounter.  Oh and let's not forget about social media!  It's all going to be ok!  Healthy and Hygge is here to help you sail through your next social escapade. A backbone of Hygge is small intimate settings where people can really talk and get to know each other.  What about a coffee talk and walk meeting?  Or a running with beer encounter?  Or a kayaking engagement?  There are social opportunities doing things you like.  We will work on the small-talk pieces so these will be authentic reflections of yourself.  Be ready to do some moving of the mind, body, and mouth so you can be understood.

G: Personal Growth is an essential part of life.  Are you feeling a lack of direction? Do you wish you could go back to a time when things were more simple; when your time was valued vs. a balancing act?  Simplicity and modesty are central to Hygge.  Let's get back to the basics. Simplicity and modesty are central in Hygge.  We will use your body to play and have fun! We will engage your mind in relaxed thoughtfulness. We will get your priorities back in the order you wan through mindfulness and we will share these accomplishments with those who matter to you.  Helping you put trust in others again while being proud of your accomplishments.

E: Embrace physical activity to live not jut longer but better! Using your body to become more healthy through expanding meals planning, cooking new recipes, incorporating new exercises, being held accountable to exercise regimes, getting a better night's sleep, and other techniques for physical, social, and emotional support to incorporate Hygge into your lifestyle.

Benefits of the Healthy and Hygge Transformation

In this session we can work on things like

  • Boosted self esteem tips and tricks
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Stress Reduction
  • Motivation / Energizing session
  • Getting back to basics
  • Prioritizing whats important in your life
  • Focusing your energy on positive and attainable goals
  • Developing simple daily actions to create long term habits
  • Learning to not say yes when you mean no
  • Speaking truthfully
  • Brainstorming and applying an action plan for your next step

Prices starting at $1100


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