1 Month Diabetes Transformation

Have you had diabetes for awhile?  Is your medical team treating your diabetes but not treating you and your needs?  Are you looking for someone that personally and professionally gets what it means to live with diabetes?  Are you in need of a quick mood pick me up, like glucose tabs?  Well look know further, this is your luck day!  We all get into those diabetes ruts and this is your opportunity to engage in the guidance you want to get you back to operating at 100%

Benefits of the 1 Month Diabetes Transformation

In this session we can work on things like

  • Day to day management techniques
  • Stress reduction and managing emotions
  • How to incorporate loved ones into your diabetes care
  • Weight management
  • Being seen as an individual; diabetes is different for all
  • Technology pros, cons, and advancements

Prices starting at $400


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Take the time to invest in yourself.

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These are one-time sessions for individuals looking for the occasional "pick me up".

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