Pre-Diabetes Coaching

You just left your doctor’s office and they told you have pre-diabetes and you are freaking out! They told you they can get you in to talk with a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)/Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) in 2 months and have signed you up for a pre-diabetes class in 1 month. But you can not wait that long. You have been Googling “Pre-Diabetes” and want answers now! You have found the right spot!

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Benefits of Pre-Diabetes Coaching

In this on-line course, available to you when you need it, Healthy and Hygge® will show you things like:

  • Day to day management techniques
  • Stress reduction and managing emotions
  • How to incorporate loved ones into your diabetes care
  • Weight management
  • Being seen as an individual; diabetes is different for all
  • Brainstorming and applying an action plan for your next steps
  • Understanding blood glucose readings
  • How to talk to your healthcare professional to get the results you want



On-Line Pre-Diabetes Course

Starting in 2020 this Pre-Diabetes Class from Healthy and Hygge® will be up and running for you whenever you need it!

Healthy and Hygge® Happy Hour

The healthiest and most renewing happy hour in town! These are one-time sessions for individuals looking for the occasional "pick me up".

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