Healthy and Hygge® Healthiest Happy Hour

Feeling stuck? You are more productive in a positive state of mind, so take control to live the life you want!  The healthiest and most renewing happy hour in town! These are one-time sessions for individuals looking for the occasional “pick me up”. This is your time to de-stress and talk through challenges.  These sessions are ONLY done via an ON-LINE platform. So sit back in the comfort of your own home and sip on a cup of tea, or maybe a glass of wine, while working with Healthy and Hygge® Your Life and Wellness Coach to get an outside perspective to situations that have you feeling stuck. You can share, we will problem solve, and you will have clarity to make the hard decisions you need to make.




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Healthy and Hygge® Speaker Opportunities

Sara has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 35 years.  Her first fortune cookie stated, “Life is a bold and daring adventure”.  That has been her life motto and diabetes management motto for over 30 years!  She is just 1 of 11 people in the world dually certified as a Master Certified Health Education Specialist and Certified Diabetes educator giving her extensive training in the areas of holistic medicine, coping, and adjusting to chronic illness with mindful based practices.  She also has extensive training in the area of eating disorders/disorder eating, specifically related to diabetes.






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Healthy and Hygge® On-Line Pre-Diabetes Course

You just left your doctor’s office and they told you have pre-diabetes and you are freaking out! They told you they can get you in to talk with a Certified Diabetes Educator in 2 months and have signed you up for a pre-diabetes class in 1 month. But you can not wait that long. You have been Googling “Pre-Diabetes” and want answers now! You have found the right spot!



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Healthy and Hygge® Diabetes Product Reviews

Are you new to the world of diabetes?  Has your medical team/your child's medical team been using words and phrases that you are too embarrassed to ask what they mean?  Are you just being seen as an illness and not the true awesome person that you are?   Are you going to college and this will be your first time away from home since your diagnosis?  Let's dive in!  Coach Sara, a Certified Diabetes Educator with Type 1 diabetes, The T1D CDE, is ready to tackle the questions we all have had or had! We all get into those diabetes ruts so if you are in need of a quick mood pick me up, like glucose tabs, look no further, this is your lucky day!



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Google Reviews


"If you are looking for an amazing, inspiring, uplifting coach... then LUCKY YOU for finding Sara Lasker!!"


"Sara instantly gives off amazing positive energy and does not shy away form thinking outside the box for something that might work for you specifically. When you meet her, you realize she is a normal person just like you and is there to help you realize you can be happy and healthy (mentally and emotionally) just like her."


"Meeting with Sara was like finding a missing piece to the puzzle. I felt like I was chatting with a best friend. She really does take time to read your answers before the meeting."


Take control of your life

Achieve greater success, happiness, and well-being