Most Hygge Time of the Year!

It’s the most Hygge time of the year!  Hygge, pronounced: ”Hoo-Ga”, is a Norwegian word meaning “well-being” that has been adopted and adapted by Denmark and the Danish culture. The word brings a feeling of coziness, hominess, or comfort. It really allows us to express ourselves in our truest form as we strive for life-long learning.We regularly hear that December, in particular Christmas, is the most Hygge holiday.  However, for many Christmas is stress.  It is long lines.  It is spending time is scratchy sweaters and seeing people we have been avoiding all year. I often hear how people only get a few days off from work and spending that time doing things they do not want to do is not very Hygge.  So, this year my challenge to myself, and others, is do what you want to do to embrace the feel of Hygge this holiday season.  Below are three things I have done/will be doing this season.

  1. The sound of Christmas.I love the crackling of fire, the snow crunching under my feet as I run, and how music fills that empty space in the air.  This season I am embracing these sounds in new ways.  To start, the other weekend I went for a run at 5 o’clock in the morning with a group of ladies just to see the Christmas Lights at a local exhibit.  It was early, but it was actually A LOT of fun! Afterwards we sat around taking and drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  A great way to start the weekend!
    Early Morning Holiday Run

    Then last night I had the opportunity to host a radio show! I did not play what people may think of as “Hygge music” but instead I took listeners back to the 1990’s.  Yes, Hootie and the Blowfish announcing their reunion tour had me looking through my old cd’s in the basement.  I put together a playlist with some stories that took me and possibly you back to a time when things were much for free.  Click here to take a listen and think back to where you were when you first heard each of the songs!

    Healthy and Hygge at the Radio Station!
  2. The smell of the holidays.Freshly brewed coffee, baked goods in the oven, all with a slight hint of pine brings about the smell of the holidays for me. I have found the great outdoors to be a very Hygge spot. During the summer months I like to spend time around the campfire sipping on a glass of wine and socializing with friends and neighbors. I find the campfire a great way to bring together the neighborhood while enjoying the outdoors. So, this winter season I am changing this up and looking forward to attending a bonfire on winter solstice!

    Holiday Wreath
  3. The feel.I love sitting on my couch in the early morning covered in a toasty blanket with my warm cup of coffee, a kitten purring on my lap as I gaze at the twinkling lights of the Christmas Tree.
    Hygge Christmas Cat

    Yes, in this particular photo, one of my cats has decided to lounge on the dining room table but I think he is representing exactly how we should be feeling:  relaxed, not a care in the world, and content.  He is just lounging comfortably and bringing about one of those key feelings of Hygge: happiness.

So, as I get ready this morning to travel to Chicago for a new holiday Hygge tradition with my family,  I challenge you to go out and make some changes to your normal routine this festive season.  Embrace the sounds, smell, and feel in a way that makes your holiday season Hygge for you!


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