Let’s Celebrate Summer Hygge

Let’s get ready to celebrate the first “unofficial” weekend of summer. I am not sure about you but I am ready for the rain to stop and the sun to shine. I am looking forward to sitting outside and enjoying time with friends and family. Many of you have been asking, can I still be Healthy and Hygge during the summer months and my answer to you is a resounding YES!!!! Three things I use during the summer months to keep that Healthy and Hygge feeling going all year long are light, food and drink, and being outside! Read on to find out how!

Hygge, pronounced: ”Hoo-Ga”, is a Norwegian word meaning “well-being” that has been adopted and adapted by Denmark and the Danish culture. The word brings a feeling of coziness, hominess, or comfort. It really allows us to express ourselves in our truest form as we strive for life-long learning.

To begin, light is an obsession for the Danish Culture and something I like to embrace. I believe that Christmas Lights can be used more than just around the winter holiday…Thus, a few days before Memorial Day Weekend I hang red, white, and blue Christmas lights on my front porch; the lights are up all summer long to celebrate Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. I sit on the porch during the summer months when I want to be outside but do not want to be attacked by mosquitos. It is calming, and energetic at the same time, creating a perfect Hygge sanctuary.

Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book of Hygge Danish Secrets to Happy Living, shares that Hygge is associated with a fireplace. However, from Memorial Day on it is hard not to find a campfire blazing on a cool summer evening. So I like to spend time around the campfire sipping on a glass of wine and socializing with friends and neighbors. I find the campfire a great way to bring together the neighborhood while enjoying the outdoors. I may roast a few marshmallows because what Mid-West summer is not complete without a campfire roasted s’more?

Lastly, I have found the great outdoors to be a very Hygge spot during the summer months. In July and August, I enjoy being able to get out on the water. One of my favorite activities is riding my bike to a local kayak rental then going out on the lake for a few hours. Being on the lake during the summer, especially around sunset, is relaxing finish to a busy day. On the weekends I love exploring the many festivals in the area. If you have not had the chance to explore some of culture and flair summer festivals bring be sure to do it this summer in your area.

Anyway you can, get outside to enjoy the Healthy and Hygge benefits of summer! And if you are looking for more ideas or need some motivation to get that summer Hygge feel give Healthy and Hygge Your Life and Wellness Coach a call to set up a consultation.  So pack your bag for a Memorial Day adventure or put some comfy clothes on and head to your backyard campfire.


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