How to Dress Hygge for Fall

Come embrace Hygge in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, while wearing your comfy clothes! As the weather is turning cooler and the days are getting shorter…it must mean my most favorite season is just around the corner! Yes, the first day of fall, in the northern hemisphere is September 22nd but as the first fortune cookie I ever receveid at age 6 said, “Life is a Bold and Daring Adventure”. So as we begin to approach the cooler temperatures I am daring to share a few Hygge fashion tips so you can be Hygge on your adventures this fall.

Layers. Yes, since we are approaching that in between type weather it is key to dress in layers. During these last days of summer, I can often be found with a t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, and vest on top with a skort or capris on the bottom. The nice thing about the layers on top, as the day gets warmer I can remove the layers as need be. It is also nice as the day gets cooler, or I decide to join friends later in the evening I have options to dress up and/or dress down my attire as well as stay warm. I had the opportunity last week to work with the Good Will Stores of Madison, Wisconsin. What a pleasure to share all of the good work they do for our community as well as pick up an outfit that describes my concept of layers. Checkout the photo above to see a visual of exactly what I mean when I am talking about dressing in Hygge layers. Also, fun fact about the Goodwill shopping experience, it is relaxed and comfortable so a very Hygge vibe!

Comfortable shoes. Yes, I know many have commented on how much they love some of my high-heeled shoes followed quickly by the question “are they comfortable?” Yes they are comfortable (I would not be wearing them if they weren’t—although I did get a good deal on them). And to follow that response up, no, I am not a shoe girl (stay tuned to some winter fashion blogs about coats!) Hygge is really about comfort and bringing your authentic self to the table. Thus, I included three different photos with three different pairs of shoes because, like many of you, I have different looks and the shoes often play a big part in bringing it all together!

Professional Casual Combo. As a business owner I like to stay professional but also I like to be comfortable. The brand that has helped me accomplish this is Title Nine On a personal level I feel the Title Nine brand brings my “Life is a Bold and Daring Adventure” fortune cookie to life while on a professional level Title Nine helps me carry out the Healthy and Hygge feel—empowering women to be authentic, comfortable, and to be themselves! Checkout the photo below…I am on the right hand side while meeting with one of our Wisconsin State Representatives…Do I not look professional and casually while portraying Healthy and Hygge to you?!

So come embrace the relaxed atmosphere of Hygge. Dress in the look that boosts your self-esteem and presents your authentic self and stay tuned in the winter months for some Hygge related winter weather gear reviews.

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  1. I am am all about layering and being comfy and cozy in the fall and winter for that matter. I like your professional look too. It looks great and proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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