Healthy and Hygge in Rome, Italy

Ciao! I spent last week in Rome…No, not Rome, Wisconsin but Rome, Italy! I was a presenter at the 27th European Diabetes Congress. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing experience this was! Read on about three Healthy and Hygge items I learned in my travels.

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Posted by Healthy and Hygge on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To begin, I really did go to Rome for work. But there was so much delicious food on every street corner along every sidewalk as I strolled through the city how could I not enjoy it?! Did I mention just how good the food looked? During my first full day in Rome, when I had the opportunity to do some exploring of the city, my first stop was for linner—a late lunch/early dinner. I ordered what seemed to be the freshest tomato and mozzarella drizzled with fresh olive oil and a touch of salt and pepper on top…Bellissimo! To top off the appearance, the taste was so fresh it practically melted in my mouth! After linner was a cup of gelato, which could also be found on every street corner—just to “cleanse my palate” is what I told my husband!

Super exciting day in #rome presenting the benefits of @healthy_and_hygge at the 27th European #diabetes…

Posted by Healthy and Hygge on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Day two was the real reason I was in Rome to present on Healthy and Hygge Your Life and Wellness Coach, yes a bit of self-promotion but it was so much fun, how could I not?! As you know I am one of the first Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) in the world. So, during my presentation I shared about the health educator difference of looking at the whole person with diabetes vs. just the medical management of the person with diabetes. This may have been a bit of a leap for the clinical diabetes community but there is a mind shift that needs to occur to stay relative. I shared that the shift is listening to the patient; knowing that yes diabetes is a 24-7-365 disease but I guarantee you, the person with diabetes’s life is more than just diabetes! I went into depth about each of the areas of wellness:  Occupational, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, and Environmental and how they related to living longer, happier, healthier lives—living one may say Healthy And Hygge! I concluded by sharing some stress reeducation techniques. If you are in Madison, Wisconsin on July 13th come experience stress reduction first hand at Fired Up Pottery, where you can make a Healthy and Hygge stress reduction balloon!  Additionally, you may, or may not know, I lived in New Zealand while completing my undergraduate elementary education student teaching. Thus, I was extra interested in a talk about Kiwi and blood glucose by someone from New Zealand! The presenter, Suman Mishra, shared how the timing of fruit ingestion, in particular kiwi, affected blood glucose response.   I know that is a bit of a mouthful to say and comprehend but not to worry, Suman and I will be talking more later in the year, so be sure to check back in for that special blog…as well as many others other guest interviews of people from Madison and around the world!

Cheers to a #HealthyAndHygge start to summer from Rome, Italy!

Posted by Healthy and Hygge on Thursday, June 21, 2018

My goal for summer solstice 2018 was to sit outside and drink wine with friends, while wearing my Healthy and Hygge shirt. I was successful on the first two pieces of my goal but not on the shirt—next year!   The 2 women that helped me to fulfill my Summer Solstice dream were both from Australia. Fun fact this day was actually the shortest day of the year in Australia.

As you know, Health and Wellness are corner stones to the Healthy and Hygge brand.   Look forward to seeing you back next month for more new and Healthy and Hygge blog posts!  Until next time… arrivederci!


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