Healthy and Hygge has been busy!

We are just about 1 week away from the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and, even with the extended amount of daylight, I am not sure if that will be enough time to share all of the amazing things that have been happening at Healthy and Hygge: Your Life and Wellness Coach!

As you know a goal of Healthy and Hygge is to get you out of the house, exploring your surroundings through a fresh pair of eyes while still giving you the relaxed feeling of being at home in your comfy clothes. Below are things Healthy and Hygge: Your Life and Wellness Coach has been doing to get out and about while still being comfortable!

To begin, The Wisconsin Small Business Development Center wrote an article featuring the success, and struggles, that have come to Sara Lasker, Healthy and Hygge business owner, since starting the business. It highlights the amazing small business class at the University of Wisconsin and the tremendous support that comes to helping small businesses in Wisconsin become successful. Take a minute and read the full article!

It was a dark and stormy night and all the booths were set up in the Atwood Neighborhood…Yes, Healthy and Hygge was at Fruit Fest on June 2. It was a bit of rainy evening but the music was pumping and the festival feel was relaxed. Click on the link for a picture of the Healthy and Hygge booth where people made Stress Balloons.

Social Media Fun! The TODAY! Show, yes the morning talk show with Savannah and Hoda, had invited people from around the country to upload a 10 second video clip via twitter saying Good Morning on TODAY! As an avid TODAY! Show watcher of course Healthy and Hygge did this and was spotted by a friend in Seattle on the June 5th broadcast. In case you missed it checkout the clip from Twitter.  Additionally Healthy and Hygge has reached 100 followers on Instagram and has a Pinterest Board with over 75 views in the past week—Hop on social media and connect with Healthy and Hygge today!

Healthy and Hygge: Your Life and Wellness Coach T-Shirts have made it across the Great Lake of Michigan! Yes, here is Sara’s mom wearing the shirt in Northern Michigan. If you are interested in winning a FREE HEALTHY AND HYGGE YOUR LIFE AND WELLNESS COACH T-SHIRT, send an email with T-Shirt in the subject line and enter to win a FREE HEALTHY AND HYGGE: YOUR LIFE AND WELLNESS COACH T-SHIRT! There will be a drawing with a winner announced on August 1st 2018—send an email with your first and last name to be entered by July 31st at 11:59pm central time!

Let’s do a Shout Out and show the love to the BBB—The Better Business Bureau! There is a new logo that is being added to the Healthy and Hygge: Your Life and Wellness Coach webpage and that logo is from the Better Business Bureau. The current rating for Healthy and Hygge is an A- but we oh so badly want that grade to be an A! This is where your help is needed! Please go to the Better Business Bureau and submit a review of Healthy and Hygge.

 Wow, so this has been a lot in the past two weeks but guess what, there is more to come! As summer starts heating up so does Healthy and Hygge: Your Life and Wellness Coach! Be sure to follow all of the upcoming excitement on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

June 21st: Presentation at the International Diabetes Conference in Rome, Italy.

June 28th: Listen to ABFM Radio for an Interview at 10:28am Central…More info and a link to listen coming soon!

July 10th: Watch Talk of the Town on Wisconsin’s 57 for an interview with Sara Lasker, Healthy and Hygge Your Life and Wellness Coach Owner.

July 10th: Healthy and Hygge Happy Hour at SuperCharge! Foods in on East Washington Street in Madison. Come by the store 4-6pm to experience a Healthy and Hygge event with the amazing foods available at SuperCharge!

July/August edition of the Goodman Center East Side News will have a feature article on Healthy and Hygge: Your Life and Wellness Coach.


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