Halloween Hygge!

Halloween Hygge

So, Halloween itself may not be the most hygge of holidays but the meaningfulness that can come from bringing your community together over food and drink certainly is.  As the weather is getting cooler and the scary costumes are coming out, below are two specific ways Halloween is the perfect night to embrace the togetherness and food aspects of Hygge!

  • Togetherness around the Campfire. Each year on Halloween we bring our firepit to the front driveway and light a campfire. It is a great opportunity to stay warm while handing out trick-or-treat candy as well as really get to know our neighbors.  Because we do not get a lot of younger trick-or-treaters it is a fun way to entertain adult trick-or-treaters/chaperones.  How you ask? By offering adult beverages to those over 21 and the opportunity to socialize around the campfire.  People leave with a sense of connectedness, comfort, and feel of community.  We have been doing this for a few years now and people were actually asking us a few weeks ago if we would be doing this activity again this year—Yes, of course!
Embracing Halloween Hygge–outside around the campfire!


  • The taste of Halloween Hygge often comes down to the question: “What is your most favorite Halloween Candy”… I am only joking, and I know we could debate the topic for hours! But there is a taste people associate with Halloween Hygge. For example, my husband associate’s popcorn balls with Halloween, so after I finish posting this blog I am heading to the kitchen to make some of those treats for him.  But also, there is the experience that is associated with munching on fresh roasted pumpkin seeds. Let me explain.  You spend time picking out the perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, plan out the best way to carve it, and in the end,  you are left with all of the seeds.  Do you roast them or throw them away?  Personally, I roast them and enjoy them as a healthier treat alternative throughout the Halloween season; it gives me a feeling of fall!  Both examples demonstrating how our senses rely do play part in embracing hygge.

So, grab your firepit, a treat that makes you feel comfy, and sit back with open arms to this evening of Halloween Hygge!


Looking to learn more about Hygge?  Join Sara at DreamBank next Wednesday, November 7th at 12pm!

Embrace Cozy with Hygge, November 7, 2018 at DreamBank

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