What is Hygge?

The country of Denmark has consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world.  The country has embraced the concept of Hygge, pronounced "hoog-a", which does not necessarily have an English word equivalent.  Positive feelings gained from things like discovering wellness, enjoying a home-cooked family meal, finding work/life separation, accepting assistance for mental health, love of life-long learning, honesty, bringing your authentic self forward, candles, coziness, baked goods, simplicity, spending time with friends, sense of belonging, and the list of things that make you feel positive goes on to help describe the concept/feeling of Hygge.

How can we work together?

All coaching services are done via an on-line platform.  Send an email to learn more.

What happens when I donate to Healthy and Hygge®?

Healthy and Hygge® is owned by Madison T1D Coach, LLC so when you donate the page you are taken to reflects this.