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I love that my mom sends me articles clipped from the paper or a magazine that she has been reading! The article she most recently passed along was “Health Tips from Around the World”. One of the facts shared ties perfectly into the focus of this week’s blog, engage socially. The most astonishing item from the article stated “Scandinavians on average have stronger social networks and spend 5.7 hours less per week at work”*. Obtaining social wellbeing within work-life balance can be hard. But a backbone of Hygge is small intimate settings where people can really talk and get to know each other. So I thought, how can I apply the working less by bringing Hygge into work-life balance? Below are five networking opportunities I have discovered to help bring your authentic self to the game no matter what time of day you thrive.

  • Early Morning/Before 9am: There are two places you must be for breakfast if you live in Madison, Wisconsin: Social Media Breakfast and One Million Cups. If you are a regular go-getter in the morning One Million Cups is the place for you.   This weekly meeting was developed in 2012 and is “a free program designed to educate engage, and inspire entrepreneurs around the country.” It offers the opportunity to learn about the entrepreneur landscape from various start-up and established businesses while enjoying a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. If getting up early each week is not your cup of coffee, then the once a month social networking opportunity through Social Media Breakfast is a better fit for you. As the world of business is changing, adapting social media into your business platform is a must. Social Media Breakfast focus is on social media education; they welcome “diverse local professionals from a variety of disciplines”. So if you use social media in your business, this is worth the early morning effort—I actually enjoyed biking to the meeting this past week, which also made it a physical morning energizer!

    Some #biking fun this morning! #healthyandhygge

    Posted by Healthy and Hygge on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

  • Lunch Time: If morning is not your time to shine? No worries, how about lunch? I had the opportunity to be a guest at a Business Network International (BNI) Lunch. This event fit into the Healthy and Hygge feel with a delicious create your own salad (each week a member brings a different lunch to share with the group) and a piece of dark chocolate. In the gathering, people have the opportunity to mingle before and while grabbing their lunch then everyone sits down around the table to eat. This is a business meeting so you do go around the table to share your name, your business, and one item you could use help from the community on for the week. It continues with a presentation by a member and more socializing/networking if there is time. It is a nice, productive break in the middle of the day.
  • Ug…The dreaded Afternoon Slump: Solution…a walk and talk meeting. This is great for that afternoon slump when all you really want to do is take a nap and know having that cup of coffee will keep you up all night and thus back in this same situation again tomorrow. Walking gets the endorphins pumping and the brain working. So leave your phone inside and get closer to nature to have a good conversation—Thus, bringing you one step closer to Hygge!
  • Happy Hour: This is the time to come as you are. Bring your authentic self and enjoy the casualness of Hygge. Healthy and Hygge has the pleasure of providing the healthiest and most renewing happy hour in town! Most recently working with SuperCharge! Their mission is providing “Foods is to Facilitate Life Growth through holistic nourishment, sustainability and community.”  How much more Hygge could you get?

    Posted by Healthy and Hygge on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

  • Evening: Girls Night Out! Who says you can’t network over an adult beverage while shopping for new clothes?! What a great evening event held at Z. Bella Boutique this past week where you got to enjoy a complimentary adult beverage and get styling advice while shopping with girlfriends and meeting new connections! It was really embracing Hygge by being in the present moment in a healthy relaxing way!

    Healthy and Hygge at Girls Night Out with Z. Bella Boutique

So, hopefully you can take some tips from these 5 social networking events to give yourself an extra 5.7 hours in the week. And know, if you need an extra boost, Healthy and Hygge Your Life and Wellness Coach is here to provide you with an outside perspective to situations that have you feeling stuck, so schedule your healthiest happy hour to get your work-life balance back on track.


*Health Tips from Around the World by Ann Babe, August 2018 FamilyCircle.com

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