3 Ways to Embrace Fall Hygge

As we roll into the second full week of October, Fall is definitely in the air, although as I type this today’s high is going to be 78 degrees…go figure!  Fall is my most favorite season.  I love how in the beginning it is warm and still summery then, without warning, you are running through fallen leaves on a brisk cool evening.  Then, dare I say it, at the end of the season we get those beautiful first snow falls —when we are still excited to see the snow vs. in March when we are ready for it to be done! Fall is also the perfect season to prep for the most Hygge time of the year…winter!  Below are 3 things you can do over the next month to embrace the fall Hygge season!

  • Get Outside. With the weather warm and cool this is the perfect time to get outside!  As much as Hygge talks about getting comfy inside it also has a great respect for nature and being outdoors.  One of my regular activities, as you all know, is running and fall is my most favorite time of the year to be out.  Since being a cross country runner as a kid, fall weather has been perfect for a run! I did pick up a new pair of running shoes the other week to celebrate the change in seasons!  As we prep to be outside in varying weather conditions:  colors, layers, and comfort are important.  Hygge, pronounced “Hoo-Ga” is all about comfort.  So, find those comfy pants, throw on your favorite sweatshirt, and grab a hat to enjoy time outside. Also wear brighter colors, so you can be seen while out in the elements; especially as we get ready to turn our clocks back and the days become shorter.
  • Drink Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s. Yes, I know you are probably thinking, really?!  Correct they may not be the healthiest thing on the market, but they taste ooooh so good and having a hot beverage on a cool fall morning is a true sign of Hygge.  I do enjoy them, as a once a week treat, on Saturday mornings while walking around the Farmer’s Market on the Square in downtown Madison.
  • Have a campfire. Light is huge to the Danish culture and the cultivating of Hygge.  We usually talk about light being important to helping set the mood on the inside of the house but let’s talk about light on the outside.  As we get closer to Halloween, often the true turning point of fall weather, have a campfire.  Spend time around the campfire sipping on a glass of wine and socializing with friends and neighbors. I find the campfire a great way to bring together the neighborhood while enjoying the outdoors on Halloween.  The past few years we have been lighting the campfire and offering adult beverages to the adult trick-or-treater chaperones.

So now that October is upon us here’s to prepping your autumn season and embracing Hygge by Getting Outside, Drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and Having a Campfire!

Want more Hygge?  Join Sara at DreamBank Madison on November 7that 12pm to Embrace Cozy this Winter with Hygge!



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